About Us

Mann Agencies got its start when Lewis F. Button arrived in Outlook from Iowa in the early 1900s. He established a real estate and insurance company and incorporated as Lewis F. Button Limited. In addition to a wide variety of farm and urban insurance, the business also managed a number of farms for absentee landlords in Canada and the United States.

In 1925, Larry Mann came to work for Mr. Button and eventually purchased the business from him in 1942, changing the name to Mann Agencies. Later, in 1966, William (Bill) and Lois Gottselig purchased the company from Mr. Mann, but kept the business name the same. Mr. Mann continued working for Mann Agencies, managing the company’s farms until 1974. In 1979, Ernie and Stella Toth bought the company and managed it until 1985 when they sold it to Dan and Marilyn Bachman. In 2008, Brad and Melanie Harris purchased the business from the Bachmans and continue to run Mann Agencies today.

We make it our mission to provide a warm and welcoming office where our clients feel like family. We’re proud of our long, rich history of serving the people of Outlook, and we’re here to ensure you receive only the best service today, and for years to come.